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Playing a CD

To play CDs, follow these steps:

on the remote, press cd·dvd to select the disc player as your source.

on the media center control panel, press eject to open the disc tray.

Place the CD in the disc tray, with the label facing up.

press eject again to close the tray.

on the remote, press play.

note: with an mp3 disc, track information scrolls continuously on the media center display. to clear this information, press and hold info on the remote. press this button again to resume display of this information.

Basic CD operations

pause: press to pause an audio cd. this will allow you to resume playback from the same location of the disk. press pause again to resume cd play.

play: press to play a cd. also resumes cd play when paused.

stop: press to stop an audio cd. this returns the cd to the beginning.

track: press track up to skip to the next track on the current cd. press track down to skip to the beginning of the current track. press track down twice to skip to the previous track.

scan: press and hold scan backward or scan forward to scan through the current track. press and hold to scan backward or forward through the current track.

seek: press seek forward to skip to the next track. press seek back once to restart the current track, or twice to skip to the previous track. press and hold to scan backward or forward through the current track.

repeat: press to toggle between "repeat track," "repeat disc" or "off" modes.

shuffle: press to turn "shuffle" mode on or off.

presets: press the number or numbers of the track that you want to play.

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