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Playing a CD

To play a CD, follow these steps:

On the top of your system, press and release the tab on the CD compartment to allow it to open

Insert a CD, label side up, into the player

Push the cover down to close it

On the system, press CD Play/Pause to turn the power on, and the CD will begin to play

Here’s how the display might look while you’re playing a CD:

While a CD track is playing, the following remote control buttons can be used:

play/pause: press to briefly stop cd play. press it again to resume cd play

stop: press to stop the cd.

skip/scan back: press to play the previous track. press and hold to scan back through the cd.

skip/scan forward: press to play the next track. press and hold to scan forward through the cd.

CD play modes

On the top of your system, press CD Mode repeatedly to select your CD play option.

Play mode Description
RANDOM Plays all tracks in random order
REPEAT DISC RANDOM Continuously plays all tracks in random order until stopped
REPEAT DISC Plays the CD continuously until stopped
REPEAT TRACK Plays the current track continuously until stopped

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