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Linking or unlinking tracks

You can change how the tracks from a stored album play—one after another, or mixed with tracks from your other albums or discs. For any classical or comedy/spoken word albums, the uMusic®+ system is set to play the tracks in order, as a linked unit. The system is also set to play the tracks in other genres as unlinked or individual selections.

To change the linking of tracks on an album:

on the remote, press stored and then library to enter the music library.

press the down arrow to choose and highlight "albums."

press the right arrow to find the album you want to change. use the down arrow to select the album.

press guide to see the list of actions you can take.

use the down arrow to highlight the linking option that appears for this album ("link all tracks" or "don't link tracks"), and press enter. a confirmation notice appears onscreen.

press enter to accept confirmation. this returns you to the previous screen.

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