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Adjusting the display brightness

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The system's display automatically adjusts to the light conditions in the room. This feature improves visibility of the display. It brightens when there's lots of light, then dims so it's less intrusive when the room darkens. You can also fine-tune the brightness of the display, to compensate for a very bright window, for instance.

To adjust brightness levels for high and low light conditions, follow these steps:

on the remote, press and hold alarm time/menu until "setup menu" appears on the display

Alarm Setup/Menu

press tune/mp3 > five times until "bright hi" appears

Tune/MP3 >

press time - or time + button to set display brightness from 8 to 15 for high light conditions (factory setting is 12)

Time -

Time +

press tune/mp3 > once so "bright lo" appears

press time - or time + to set display brightness from 1 to 8 for low light conditions (factory setting is 4)

press the alarm setup/menu button to exit setup, or wait 10 seconds for setup to end automatically

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